If you are an English speaking person who comes across this blog, you might wonder why there are all these MCNBC video clips, most of them from The Rachel Maddow Show. In Sweden we cannot get MSNBC except on Internet and that is cumbersome. The Swedish cable and satellite stations seem to think that CNN is enough for us. But CNN (which at times feels like "Fox light") should not be the only source of American news for Swedes. CNN cannot compare to MSNBC which is politically more in line with what we stand for in Scandinavia. So why no MSNBC in Sweden? We want excellence too.

This blog was established out of frustration over the superficial or non-reporting reporting in Swedish media of American news stories. Sweden is a heavily unionized country and one would think that when unions are heavily attacked (as they have been in Wisconsin and other places since the 2010 election), that would very much be of interest to Swedes. Also voter suppression and the insane Republican "war on women" should have been of interest to us in Sweden. But all these "democracy" subjects have been largely ignored. Instead the attention has narrowly been directed, in a predictably banal fashion, at the presidential primaries which have been definitely over-reported.

When I see an article in our local The Gothenburg Post (by their US correspondent) about Scott Brown, without even a mention of his very strong political opponent, Elizabeth Warren, something does not appear right.

I hope the Swedish journalists will do a better job in reporting crucial American news to Swedes so I do not have to post important clips in this blog for them to discover. I wish i could quit it.

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